Gucci has collaborated with Detroit designer Tommey Walker and his homegrown label DETROIT VS. EVERYBODY on a special line-up of T-shirts.

As part of Gucci Changemakers’ ongoing commitment to community engagement, the GUCCI VS. EVERYBODY T-shirts will celebrate the 11 US Changemaker cities and a charitable donation will be made to fuel positive social change within our communities.

The collection is inspired by Tommey Walker’s original DETROIT VS. EVERYBODY T-shirt, where the unapologetic declaration quickly grew into a cultural movement.

A simple concept with a powerful message, the VS. EVERYBODY slogan embodies the fiercely independent and unapologetic spirit of Detroit, empowering the City and beyond. It is this creative spirit and vision that has deeply resonated with Gucci. Discover more about Tommey and the story behind DETROIT VS. EVERYBODY here.

Intertwining Italian craftsmanship and Detroit’s industrialist savoir-faire, the collaboration uses Gucci’s fabric and raw materials and the VS. EVERYBODY graphic to underscore the likeminded creative vision and brand ideals that the House and Tommey Walker’s label are intrinsically known for.

“DETROIT VS. EVERYBODY and Gucci share the same unifying ethos, to bring people together for a greater good and to transform a feeling into a cultural moment.”

Tommey Walker

To celebrate Gucci Changemaker’s commitment to fuel community engagement and positive social change, a charitable donation will be made to the 2020 and recently announced 2021 Gucci Changemakers North America Impact Fund winners. Discover more about the social impact of this collaboration at

Using fashion and design as a tool of empowerment, this partnership aims to lead the charge in the fight for meaningful change. Aligning our social good and brand engagement strategies, the partnership with Tommey Walker will be the first time Gucci has introduced a product collaboration under the Changemakers umbrella.

To celebrate this partnership, Gucci Changemakers has partnered with Refinery 29 to spotlight three of the non-profit organizations and their fearless leaders to showcase how they are positively impacting their local communities. In Detroit, Lisa Phillips, the Principal of Cass Technical Highschool, works to make pivotal changes in the educational system including a culture of radical openness, impacting the lives of many students including student leader Lamont Satchel. In New York, Ngozi Okaro is the Executive Director of Custom Collaborative, whose mission is to train and support women from low-income and immigrant communities to establish careers in sustainable fashion and design. And in New Orleans, Alanah Odoms and Maggy Baccinelli work to advance civil rights and racial justice through the ACLU of Louisiana. These are just a few of the local Changemakers working to support social change and building strong connections in their communities.

“When I think about the awesome collaboration, GUCCI VS. EVERYBODY, infinite possibilities come to mind. This collaboration speaks volumes, and it gives ordinary people an opportunity to not only dream big, but to see those dreams come true.”

Lisa Phillips, Principal - Cass Technical High School

“GUCCI VS. EVERYBODY is the perfect way to highlight the creativity and resilience inside of all people, and bring new ideas to the table.”

Ngozi Okaro, Executive Director - Custom Collaborative

“GVE represents a dynamic collaboration between one of the most iconic heritage brands in fashion and a fierce, fresh black designer with talent in spades! In this significant moment in American history, centering black excellence and the contributions of black people to the American story is so crucial.”

Alanah Odoms, Executive Director - American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana

Each of Gucci’s flagship boutiques in the 11 US Changemaker cities will exclusively carry their city’s T-shirt in limited quantities, while the full offering will be available on beginning on March 1st.